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Photo of a white rocking chair on a front porch

Many tidewater towns in the Bayshore region are snapshots of a different era. Greenwich and Cape May are examples of using historic resources to support heritage tourism. The Bayshore towns of Bridgeton and Greenwich are listed on the National Historic Register, and sponsor frequent heritage-oriented events.

The Bayshore Discovery Project in Bivalve, Dutch-Neck Village in Bridgeton, and Wheaton Village in Millville enhance tourism with world class exhibits of Bayshore heritage. Historic industries and towns can blend with the new, and still retain their unique “Down Jersey” character. With thoughtful planning, we can protect the valued Bayshore traditions and lifestyles.

The South Jersey Bayshore Coalition is the sponsoring organization for the Bayshore Heritage Byway, a 123-mile route that captures the unique natural and historical landscapes along southern New Jersey’s western shore. A map and directions for the Byway can be found on the NJ Department of Transportation website.

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